Frequently Asked Brow Questions

Does getting semi permanent brows hurt?

Getting your brows done should not hurt, but may be uncomfortable. We use two rounds of numbing during the process, first a topical solution, and once the skin is open we apply a gel solution during the second pass. Clients have claimed it feels like scratching or messing with a sunburn. Additionally during the service you may hear the sound of the blade going through your skin, it’s recommended to bring along headphones if that would make you uncomfortable.

How long does the service take?

The entire service takes two and a half to three hours for the initial session, and one and a half to two hours for the touch up. The first hour is usually spent on the brow mapping process and 20 minutes of numbing.

How will I know that I will like the shape?

We will perform a very thorough brow mapping process using the main points of your face to create an as even as possible result. We will either work off of the shape you already have or create a new one of your liking. This process tends to take the longest because we will not move forward until you 100% approve the shape.

How long will my brows last?

A 6-8 week touch up is needed after the initial session to finalize the process, after that your brows should last you between a year and 18 months for microblading/hybrid brows and 2-3 years for ombre/nano brows. Those with oily skin or other contraindications may experience more fading. After a touch up a yearly color boost may be needed to keep your brows looking nice and fresh!

What’s the difference between microbladed/machine and tattooed brows?

Microblading is a technique using a small blade and pigment to create fine hair stroke like cuts in the skin. Whereas ombre/nano brows uses a needle. This is why 1-3 year color boosts are needed, because this technique is not as deep as a tattoo, creating a more natural and light look. Apposed to a tattoo, which uses ink and is placed much deeper in the skin, typically causing a harsh look.

What should I expect in the healing process?

Healing typically takes 7-14 days. Days 1-3 you will need to be extra careful about exposure to water and dirt due to the skin being open. By day 3 or 4 you will notice the brows get darker and slightly itchy as they begin the scabbing process. Typically by day 10-14 your scabs should have fallen off naturally and you will see a better depiction of the color. Expect the brows to fade 30-40% and potentially shrink 20-30%. You will have to prepare to go 10 days without excessive sweating(working out), makeup and extreme water exposure. 

If the after care care instructions are not followed, your brows will not heal properly, ie: spacing in the brows, unexpected color tones like gray or red, and bleeding of the hair strokes creating a blurred effect. Your technician is not responsible for any mistakes caused during the healing process.